Twitter after Musk

Thanks to Twitter employees for your hard work; best wishes in the ensuing chaos.

I believe Twitter was a great boon to developing my professional network in the software reliability and safety science spaces (and also shitposting and time wasting 🤣) but I am not a fan of current management. My approach to Twitter is now to maximize the utility I get from Twitter while minimizing the value the owners of Twitter get from me. To that end I have done and am exploring the following:

  1. Cancelled my subscription to Twitter Blue
  2. Set my header image on Twitter to the flipped birds you see above
  3. Removed Twitter’s iOS app from my phone and switched to Tweetdeck, which does not have adds
  4. Used delete-tweets and semiphemeral to nuke tweets older than thirty days old on an ongoing basis
  5. Signed up @jhscott on Mastodon (specifically, although I have yet to make a meaningful migration.

I invite you to join me in taking any of these steps that make sense to you — or letting me know what you’ve done instead of or in addition to them. Also, please don’t DM me on Twitter if you can avoid it.

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